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Pleasured By His Father [BoyXBoy]

Pleasured By His Father [BoyXBoy]

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Just Michael By OralKel Completed


Jarrod Lerman, the father of Jared Lerman, threw his son because he's gay. Dealing with it, he needs to cope up, avoid the dark past that has been haunting him. After the death of his wife, Redina, he took care of Jared ever since he was a kid; did his best like Redina did and would do. But since Jared became a gay, he becomes broken. Terrified of his past, he needs someone to help him. He wants to accept Jared for who he is but afraid of something. 

Ajax Swain Aynen is such a bubbly person; always smiling at times like hell. Helping everyone. He is the school's cutest and funniest person. He has the looks that could bring the girls on his knees. A smile that could take the girls' souls. When he decides to go into Jared's house, everything becomes hell.

What if an accuse turns into 'reality'? What if both person falls for each other unexpectedly?

bookworm9199 bookworm9199 Jan 29, 2016
Ajax and Jared's dad?! Oh my god, I thought Ajax was going to end up with Carter...
KingDansk KingDansk Sep 20, 2016
You know you can make scramble eggs in the microwave you just need 2 eggs out them in a bowl add a little bit of milk mix till it's good than put in the microwave for 1min after that take it out if you still see the yolk than mix it up again and put it in the microwave for 30sec and tada eggs
AngelicaHutson AngelicaHutson Feb 07, 2016
His dad shouldn't be so judgemental and plus he's his father and you shouldn't ever say "he's not my son anymore because he's different." It makes me so sad.
AnthonySky6 AnthonySky6 Jul 30, 2016
This is a beautiful memory and you all are worried about a grammatical error😂😂
Lonely__Queen Lonely__Queen Aug 23, 2016
My first word was "rock" ... They had it recorded and all because... Come on! What 7 months child says "rock" not "mama" or "dada" ("tati" [which means daddy] was my second word)
AngelicaHutson AngelicaHutson Feb 07, 2016
This is the first book on wattpad that has made me cry ... especially the first chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!