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japred By japred Updated 3 years ago
What is HORROR supposed to be?...is it for VENGEANCE or for SYMPATHY? 
    Twenty four students... Twenty four hours.... How many are willing to die for you? How many people are you willing to die for? Death is inevitable. Life is a choice. Make your decision.
    Storyline by: Japred Chiu  Edited by: Iveca Cale Ignacio and Japred Chiu Written by: Marianne Antoinette Suñe
wow....intense. I suggest you add just a teeny bit more detail and VOILA....PERFECT! so uhh yeah, i loved it tho! :)
It's so fast paced and I'm actually kinda scared to read on, haha
It's a very nice story. I noticed a few sentence structure were off, maybe just look into rewording them differently. That's about it. I enjoyed the cliffhanger and how you left the reader intrigued and puzzled as to what exactly happened. Good job! :)
Ooo I like cliffhangers! Thanks for suggesting your story to me and sorry for taking so long to comment ! I'll be readiing more of this and I will also read the other of your stories you suggested to me after Ive read some other people's as well! :)
Short, maybe a little less detail than I'm used to but still good. The first chapter is really weird in the enter/paragraph sense and it threw me a little. A nice little cliffhanger.
I like your writing style, it's different: quick, to the point. Not elaborate like most stories, which somehow seems fitting.