How To Trade in Adopt Me Sensibly

How To Trade in Adopt Me Sensibly

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ren By shyrosedd Updated Apr 27

Most known for roleplaying, trading, and events.
Adopt Me has a trading system which you can trade your items for other items or just get some non-tradable items from your friends for free.

Though, however, some people decides to think that their useless items are worth neon legendaries and use their persuasive language to convince the trader to accept their unfair trade.

For example, the value of Tombstone (Tomb) is a neon legendary and you decide to offer just 1 legendary for it.
The person may accept, but if they don't, it's because your trade is under, or they're just not desperate enough.
If you offer 3 neon legendaries, they might accept because it's a tempting offer, but you're over trading. 
But I get it, some people are lucky, some are desperate, and some are just random.

This book will *hopefully* "teach" you how to trade in Adopt Me ROBLOX.