Something About You

Something About You

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The Slenderman By Slenderman0001 Updated Oct 12, 2014

It was a cold afternoon, and you really didn't like having to go to your dad's house on the weekends. He always made you go out and get more firewood, as he sat lazy in his chair with a drink in his hand.

You slipped on your favorite sweater, ignoring his slurred grunts about the cold house. You shout at him to sit down and relax, you'll be back with more wood for the fireplace.

Maybe a new heater would be much better than using the old fashioned wood. Then again your dad never had that much money to begin with. Your mother always made sure you had a few hundred bucks in your pocket whenever you went over.

It wasn't all that bad, the wooded area had a nice clearing a ways down. And a large lake to skip rocks on. You loved going there, especially at night to watch the water sparkle against the moonlight.

You sigh, picking up the large ax and bringing it down on a chunk of wood. You had gotten used to the weight after a while, and continued to hack the wood to measurable sizes.