The Mate Bet

The Mate Bet

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"Rosella!" my dad screamed from downstairs. I ran downstairs to my dad, mom, and three tall men.

"Whats going on?" I asked. The tall boy standing behind my dad smirked. I felt something off. My mom broke down crying. "Mom?" I asked looking down at her sobbing on the floor.

"You will know soon enough darling". Said the same boy who smirked at me.

"Dont call me that" I said sternly. I heard a deep growl escape his lips. "I'm like you" I said under my breathe.

"No, your not like me" He said smirking at me. "Your mine"


If completed, the sequel 'The Mate War' is now up.

"It's huge"😂😂😂 when I read that my mind just cracked a dirty joke....."That's what she said😂😂😂😂"
                              In the words of Rosella. Well that escalated quickly...
                              0-100 real quick
SalaxarS SalaxarS Mar 20
A werewolf dad does nit bet his daughter is more like it, cuz they love their mates so they love their children more
- - Jul 16
I love how everyone is so concerned about the daughter. I'm like, that doesn't even beat a full house that is aces over. Haha
Idc if your the luckiest person ever to live. You shouldn't bet your child that has got to be the most ignorant decision ever