The Mate Bet

The Mate Bet

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"Rosella!" my dad screamed from downstairs. I ran downstairs to my dad, mom, and three tall men.

"Whats going on?" I asked. The tall boy standing behind my dad smirked. I felt something off. My mom broke down crying. "Mom?" I asked looking down at her sobbing on the floor.

"You will know soon enough darling". Said the same boy who smirked at me.

"Dont call me that" I said sternly. I heard a deep growl escape his lips. "I'm like you" I said under my breathe.

"No, your not like me" He said smirking at me. "Your mine"


If completed, the sequel 'The Mate War' is now up.

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DamarisCarreno DamarisCarreno Dec 26, 2017
When u think making them walk 3 miles is cruel but then u realize they are werewolves.
UltimaZERO UltimaZERO Feb 10
Well that was fast and straight to the point. Its like he gamble his daughter life before. I can tell because of how casually he just gambled her life xD
UltimaZERO UltimaZERO Feb 10
*slow claps* Your dad is such... Just... Wonderful *lies to himself* Also, what is worth so much that you risk your own daughters life for it
UltimaZERO UltimaZERO Feb 11
*grabs powers and waves it in front of Dem* BITCH STAY BACK! MAY THR POWER OF CHRIST COMPEL YOU 
                              *they hiss and slowly walk backwards of a cliff*
                              ._. And that's how you get rid of dem