Blood Memory: Season One (Episode One)

Blood Memory: Season One (Episode One)

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Perrin Briar By PerrinBriar Completed

Zombie Thriller.

Six months ago, Jordan Grant was found half-dead floating at sea. With a six-year hole in his memory, he remembers nothing of the Incident or the Lurchers who have claimed the land as their own. 

But when a shipwreck forces Jordan from the safety of the sea, he must face the horrors living on the land, and those in his own past. 

As the group struggle to survive, they discover an unsettling secret that threatens the future of the entire human race.

Antimac Antimac 7 days ago
I know NOTHING about boats so this tripped me out 😂 amazing so far, though!
GeeHili GeeHili Dec 11, 2016
Great start. I like the characters so far, your writing is great and easy to understand. It felt like I was watching an episode on tv. That cover looks great by the way.
- - Jan 27
People loosing nimples in this story😂😂 I must read on!!
FateAwaits FateAwaits Jan 07
This has me hooked in already! I love how you've introduced Jordan, and I can't help but want to find out more about him!
niislyku niislyku Sep 27, 2015
wow. Awesome, Wish it doesn't changes POV every chapter. All in all it's good. Well written.
WolfFairy WolfFairy Nov 23, 2014
I love a good zombie story!
                              Great first chapter, very intriguing.The characters are portrayed very well and the story grabs you straight away.