Mated To The Dragon(ON HOLD)

Mated To The Dragon(ON HOLD)

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LadyGaara By LadyGaara Updated Jan 01, 2016

Mated To The Dragon- Chapter One

Scarlet Strayer regarded every gorgeous shade of the crimsone full moon up above. The Werewolves had not received a full moon for years, let alone a red cresent shot moon. 

The sight was absolutely marvelous. It was a miracle that no other members of her pack were observant enough to notice it. Instead, they all lay scattered around their field of territory, sleeping peacefully. Both human and wolf form colliding together for the night. 

The Luna and Alpha had retreated into their cave long before the pack members fell asleep.

Scarlet was not allowed to sleep with the others sadly, for she was an Omega, the lowest in the pack. The rules were very strict. 

If she were caught nesting with the pack, she would receive a severe beating; strike one.

They didn't even care enough to lend her three chances. If she were caught nesting a second time, (Or doing anything she were not supposed to do) she would be immedietly sentenced to death by The Grinder; a ...

Llama-Lover101 Llama-Lover101 Oct 13, 2015
So if someone's eyes are poopy brown, I'm guessing they are going to be a higher rank?
the_wrighter the_wrighter Aug 02, 2015
So sad why do they treat the omegas like that... I mean I know they are the lowest ranked but
guzi1115 guzi1115 Jul 06, 2015
Green is my favorite color! How can such a rare and stunning eye color be the lowest ranked!?! this is wrong!
freefall4646 freefall4646 Mar 24, 2015
well the name of the movie is Brother Grim I dont know were the A cams from. but the movie is about children fairytales like Cinderella but with a wicked twist. one of my favorite movies
AlexisAdams322 AlexisAdams322 Jan 10, 2015
This is going to be an interesting read and I look forward to your following chapters
_LeAhDcOuNtRYmAn1_ _LeAhDcOuNtRYmAn1_ Nov 14, 2014
I can already tell that this will be an interesting story and not one I have read before which is awesome.