Jelsa in Guardian high

Jelsa in Guardian high

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Jelsa_shipper21 By Jelsa_shipper21 Updated Dec 25, 2014


The big four is a group consisting of the four most popular kids in Guardian high; Jack the school's heart throb. Hiccup the popular nerd. Merida the sporty tomboy and Rapunzel the prettiest girl but what would happen when new girl, Elsa Arelle and her sister Anna moves to Guardian high. Will the school's heart throb fall for her? Will Elsa shut everyone out? Will people try and sabotage their relationship? And what secrets will be revealed?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters.

dawnrose03 dawnrose03 Jun 20
What do you mean 'short and boring beginning ' that was an amazing beginning!!
It'll be fine im actually excited to read your book and after i read or before i read weather its good or not I'll follow you because you deserve it for your hard work and its always nice to make new friends😊
so many secrets!!!!! I must find out what they are😝😝 
                              I love all of these ships
I unpublished my stories and I have a 14-ch ongoing book but I prosponed it for Jelsa. 😘LOVE Jelsa.
Awesome beginning!! The Jack fangirls are so desperate lol ;-)
Driver 😢 I had a driver once when my dad was stationed in a different place and my mom doesn't know how to drive so we hired a drive for 2 years and my dad came back.