My Brother's Best Friend // L.H.

My Brother's Best Friend // L.H.

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Kayla is Calums adopted sister. 

She went to school in England for 3 years, and when she comes back, she finds that a lot has changed. Her brother, Calum, is in a band with 3 other boys, and they are becoming more and more popular. 

When 5 Seconds of Summer is asked to be One Direction's opening act, Kayla is going to find out how crazy it is being related to 5 Seconds of Summer's bass player.

After all, there is never a dull moment with these four crazy boys.

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Did everyone forget that this isn't her house like she kind of just walked into a strangers room and laid on the bed
                              Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with the 5sos fan base. We all have dirty minds.
Lemme guess, your gunna get scared and jump into the arms of the nearest guy that's not calum.
laurenxh00d laurenxh00d Oct 03
ugh! by the 1975!!! buy it on itunes!! (youre welcome in advance)
I honestly can't relate to the bully sh*t. Idk if I'm just dead inside, and that's why I don't give two sh*ts about what ppl say about me, but if someone was trying to start something, I told them to just f*ck off, no joke.
Gta was never my thing. It was good to play like once a day for like 20 minutes, but then it got boring to me. I'm into other games.