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Maham By CrestFallenStar Updated Feb 14

Can an alliance between blood be forever torn? Loyalties are tested in the royal family of the Huo empire when political and militaristic upheavals test their bonds with each other. One palace, four sisters, four romances: 

Out of all her perfect sisters, Zhi Ruo is the most wicked of the bunch. Known as the Spider Princess for manipulating people, she's a ruthless figure in the shadows. When Zhi Ruo is kidnapped and taken hostage by enemy forces, she's imprisoned alongside a blind man, Feng Mian, the son of a powerful general. Not only is he rude and vicious to her, he makes no move to help her. With her mask as the Spider Princess slipping, she must find a way to escape the enemy forces or suffer. But how can she escape with an unwilling blind man? Her tricks and lies as the Spider Princess won't work in captivity, but what if it's the only way to survive?

The ice princess of the sisters, Yu Yan is thrust in a marriage with Ren Ruizhuo. Ruizhuo is everything she hates: he's carefree and cheerful. Instantly, Yu Yan despises him for never taking anything seriously. When enemies start appearing in the palace and threatening the safety of her family, Yu Yan slowly uncovers that the Ren family might not be who they claim they are. Ruizhuo might have connections to the darkest of the underworld . . . And Yu Yan might just be married to the enemy. 

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