In the Clear (Winter Rescue #1)

In the Clear (Winter Rescue #1)

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Fletcher Owens is full of secrets.

Few people know he spends his nights volunteering for a Search and Rescue team, saving lives while risking his own. Even fewer know he's in love with his best friend's sister. And since he's not willing to give up their friendship for a chance at something more, that's exactly how things will stay.

Lexie Sinclair has nothing to hide.

The zany daughter, the wacky sister, the quirky fundraiser for a children's charity - Lexie couldn't hide her true self even if she wanted to. So when her brother's best friend is revealed to be a local hero, she's determined to stand up and prove she's ready to be more than just friends.

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👏👏👏👏👏 soon as I open the book lol👏👏👏👏
Arzoo13 Arzoo13 Jul 20
I want to give her a hug. But then again she would just pat me on my back awkwardly and say "There there" while I bawl my eyes out!
MsGolightly MsGolightly Oct 07
Uugghh I’m an adult and this still bugs me 😅 I played just as hard and got just as hurt. The least you can do is acknowledge it 🙄
antilogs antilogs May 30
He's harsh, yes. But he is also right at certain places. Like right now.
RonASewell RonASewell May 19
This opening chapter made me smile. It sets the scene well. You get a vote from me.
bookbug586 bookbug586 Sep 17
He knows Fletcher more than anyone. He's just being realistic and is worrying in his own way.