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Psychotic Desire » Ziall AU

Psychotic Desire » Ziall AU

76.7K Reads 5.3K Votes 19 Part Story
♡ By ZiallSmut Updated Sep 06, 2015

Niall Horan, 23, a psychotic murderer who kills innocent victims because he craves the way the crimson color of their blood looks between his long pale fingers. 

He enjoys hearing them scream in agony as he slicks their neck open and he does it with a sickeningly crazed smirk on his face. 

Now the psychotic murderer is in a mental institution and he’s got his eyes on one of the fit nurse that brings his pills every morning and night named Zayn Malik. 

Niall constantly flirts with Zayn, gets into trouble just to get Zayn’s attention and constantly tries to have sex with Zayn, whenever and wherever.

But will Zayn ever give into Niall’s sick ways or would this just be another one of his Psychotic Desire.

Copyright © ZiallSmut, 2014

luvbey luvbey Jul 29, 2016
zayn got all grossed out in the gif like he wasn't waiting for niall to lick his finger
vougeless vougeless Jun 29, 2016
you don't HAVE TO hand feed him, you can place it on your dick and choke him to make sure it gets to his stomach
niallsdog niallsdog May 04, 2016
Well I read hardcore smut and then listen to once in a life time then I dream of meeting 1D and becoming their friend
luvbey luvbey Jul 29, 2016
the cover is actually terrifying. imagine waking up to that 😵
rvdicaI rvdicaI Dec 26, 2016
Dude does Zayn has a thing for blondes Like Niall is a Blonde. PERRIE IS A BLONDE. GIGI IS A BLondE
LarrysEverlasting LarrysEverlasting Apr 06, 2016
I feel like i shouldnt be laughing. Like hes so chill about it. Like: 
                              Judge: 'did you kill her?'
                              Niall: 'yeah then i took out my dog. Fluffy needs his daily walks especially since hes gaining a little tummy. Its cute but it could be the start of (something new😝)  a problem you know?'