Mona #Wattys2016

Mona #Wattys2016

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(Way better than what the lame description says).

Just to let you know that if your already streotyping this book it is not about a low self-esteemed plus-sized girl.

So here goes.....

Mona unlike your average "thick girl" actually has confidence in herself and could care less what anyone else thinks; well sometimes. Being beautiful and abused by uncle Mona tries to get through the struggles of love, life, and raising her 13 years old sister Mari.

Notorious24 Notorious24 Jan 16
Sister Power. I have a little sister and I would do the same if I was in that situation.
Monaeee26 Monaeee26 Apr 28, 2016
How come all the stories I read it be a girl getting raped by a relative ? Or a step something
MochaPrincesa MochaPrincesa Nov 03, 2015
She's so strong, sacrificing herself for her sisters❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️