Exmates | Johnlock

Exmates | Johnlock

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Lily By saltingcircles Updated Oct 10, 2016

Forged between unemployment and his girlfriend paying for the bills, John can't go back to the life he had seven years ago. He can't go back to summer nights and moonlit rooms and the broken-down echoes of hopes and dreams and wishes. He can't go back to Sherlock.

Then John goes to his high school reunion. And sees him. And then it comes back full circle.

[Warning: contains strong language, smoking, alcoholism, and ideologically sensitive material]


This has a prequel called Cabinmates, a fan fiction about John and Sherlock meeting for the first time on a school trip to a summer camp. You can find this story on my profile if not in "the discover" since it is rated Mature.

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SupermassiveExplorer SupermassiveExplorer Sep 11, 2017
Um well i seen to recollect that Sherlock fùcked up, not John.
PrinceInu PrinceInu Jul 25, 2017
Um....I seem to remember that differently..... *narrows eyes* myc...
yayayayyae yayayayyae Feb 25
You all correcting it to boyfriend but I’m here laughing because of the drop-dead part (I’m a monster Ik)
WoulditnotBeNice WoulditnotBeNice May 03, 2017
MidnightGayCoffee MidnightGayCoffee Sep 05, 2017
this reminds me vaguely of his commander in the wedding episode.
2manysluts 2manysluts May 03, 2017
lol leave that bitc h home, that's were you leave pets when you go out anyways.