Exmates | Johnlock

Exmates | Johnlock

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Lily By saltingcircles Updated Oct 10

Forged between unemployment and his girlfriend paying for the bills, John can't go back to the life he had seven years ago. He can't go back to summer nights and moonlit rooms and the broken-down echoes of hopes and dreams and wishes. He can't go back to Sherlock.

Then John goes to his high school reunion. And sees him. And then it comes back full circle.

[Warning: contains strong language, smoking, alcoholism, and ideologically sensitive material]


This has a prequel called Cabinmates, a fan fiction about John and Sherlock meeting for the first time on a school trip to a summer camp. You can find this story on my profile if not in "the discover" since it is rated Mature.

terezka1705 terezka1705 Jul 20
,,No Mehryeh cause bananas turn me on and remind me of my ex-boyfriend."
MadameChaos MadameChaos Jul 26
I just read that someone cried reading it and I can barely handle johnlock feels so sorry but not happening
I found that picture so adorable and then I go to the comments and just skdmksmd
So that was really cute and then I realized Sherlock was watching teletubbies
I went out with a few people and we bought like 3 cakes, a box of donuts, chocolate and one celery- we didn't wanna seem un healthy. But when we went up the cashier lady she couldn't bag anything because she was laughing to hard when she saw the one celery
Bahahahahhaha bananas????? Sherlock reminded him of bananas??? I wonder why;)