paint · ziam au

paint · ziam au

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❝What are you going to paint?❞



The one where Zayn is a homeless street artist and Liam is a successful business man. Zayn decides to color his life outside the lines.

And while he does that, Liam finds out that there's more to Zayn's art than he had thought.

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kinkyzziam kinkyzziam Mar 15, 2017
This story is amazing and I will read it 1929282828 times if I have to
jikooksworld jikooksworld Jul 02, 2017
Ok after 3 years  I'm here again looking for the story omg this was the best ziam fic I ever read
madeforseavey madeforseavey Nov 25, 2017
this is my 7th or 8th time rereading this book and i'm SO excited
StarbucksZiam StarbucksZiam Feb 07, 2016
I'm new, but I've seen this book everywhere in my discovery and wanted to read it! ☺️
babyhoneylouis babyhoneylouis Sep 22, 2016
Okay, Imma read it anyways, bc I like it and caN WE TALK ABOUT THAT GIF PLEASE? HE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL OMG
alpignano alpignano Jan 04, 2016
I once read the first chapters of this story in italian but the girl who were translating didn't continue soooo I'm here and trust me, I cried a lot reading this in italian. It's so sweet. I absolutely want to reread the first chapters and end the others.