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The Home Girl : A Plus size novel

The Home Girl : A Plus size novel

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TinaDashe By TinaDashe Updated Mar 17, 2015

Tameka POV

Being a plus size woman you hope for love but you know its not likely your going to get it. I had adapted, I wasn't chasing, crushing, or admiring, any guy, sure I've peeked at a few but when they left so did the feeling. i have been "Hooked up" 324 times with guys that just weren't my type. I wasn't picky, just looking for a guy i can enjoy a conversation with that isn't about sex. All my friends were getting married,engaged,booty called, and having kids. I myself was happy with my life, 20, in college,with no kids. I had stuffed myself into 5 bridesmaids dresses so far this year and helped with three weddings and it was only may. I have several friends, if i had a party i could invite 250 easy. i was the big girl who knew how to have a good time. Now don't think i didn't get any flak for being big , i did, i just know how to laugh at myself, and take and give insults. Being big didn't make me hate myself because other people hated me enough for the both of us. High school...

Jador_diorr Jador_diorr Jul 02, 2016
This is me 😂 , 20 in college , plus size . And loves the regular show 😁❣😩👏🏾
BeautifullyInsecure_ BeautifullyInsecure_ Jul 07, 2015
She probably like the poster child for a big girl. Me being a plus sized girl I wish I could think like that.
AndreFenelon AndreFenelon Jun 30, 2015
that's the type of women that turns on my heroic side .. which means she's just waiting to be loved underneath all the pretending ,because she haven't found that one guy to show her the difference
Tossheanna Tossheanna Jan 21, 2015
I say that at times as well but truly I believe if I found the fit for me I'd be much happier.
bsmcneal bsmcneal Dec 20, 2014
I never understood using the name skinny jeans for people that aren't skinny. Just saying. Nothing against bigger people just always thought its a oxy moron.