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Pills and Potions.

Pills and Potions.

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Literally Procrastinating By Mr_Rivaille_ Updated Jul 07, 2015

One is depressed. The other schizophrenic. Between the prescriptions and other insanity, will they find peace with one another?
((Warning, this story may be triggering to some people, destructive behavior (cutting, drinking, sexual scenes, some suicidal behavior, etc.) will happen within the story. Please, DO NOT read if these type of topics are triggering or uncomfortable for you.))

                              This is actually considered rather tall in my town. My birth-town however, that is considered average height. In my sister's college town, I'm as tall of taller than almost all the students. I'm in junior high, those college students are s-h-o-r-t.
CadetEira_YAOI_Riren CadetEira_YAOI_Riren Nov 30, 2016
i love violence and btw im rereading this goddamn GREAT STORYYYYY
Antidepressant medications dont help more even if you increase the dose taken. I thank Health class for  knowledge.
We are making progress.
                              This is a good thing to be happy about, very good.
Muesli1 Muesli1 Dec 19, 2016
Then violence it is. Honestly, it's great. Sometimes. When I'm in training and I know, that I won't hurt anyone, if I learn how to throw someone properly
If you gonna get kicked out, then do whatever, you're already going anyways.