Who Handcuffed Me to The Bad Boy?

Who Handcuffed Me to The Bad Boy?

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Slave2gravity By Slave2gravity Updated Oct 31

I found myself staring at the plain white ceiling again. My thoughts overtaking me with worry, anger, and sadness. 

     Worry, for the thought of not being able to unlock the lock that chains me to the most, egoistical bad boy, I've ever met.

     Anger, for the person who does have the key, and doesn't want to be found.

     And sadness, for being all alone again once we do find the key, that would unlock me to loneliness.


"The only guy who deserves her, is the one who thinks he doesn't."

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I prefer small dark corners....
                              Or a hidden underground tunnel
                              Or a secret dark isolated area that has a bed and a phone with wattpad on it... Wait I just described my bedroom.
                              Anywhere without people basically
imjusmessin imjusmessin Nov 05
He must be an attractive potato if ur gran was eye raping him
Alex5623 Alex5623 Oct 26
I just imagine a fluffy hamster on the couch shouting noooooo!! In a chipmunk voice in slow motion when she's about to sit on him
I used to be able that I never ever ever ever EVER laughed in the first line of ANY book ...
                              I can't anymore
Oh I thought she was asking him to squeeze her xD I was confused af and had to reread it to make sure it didn't have " on it
Bob's burgers!! 
                              I'll go now..
                              That sad moment when nobody understands😥