Handcuffed to Zander

Handcuffed to Zander

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Slave2gravity By Slave2gravity Updated Jul 13

I found myself staring at the plain white ceiling again. My thoughts overtaking me with worry, anger, and sadness. 

     Worry, for the thought of not being able to unlock the lock that chains me to the most, egoistical boy, I've ever met.

     Anger, for the person who does have the key, and doesn't want to be found.

     And sadness, for being all alone again once we do find the key, that would unlock me to loneliness.


"The only guy who deserves her, is the one who thinks he doesn't."

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Dude. Not cool. I'm serious, you gotta run away before she slits your throat
anit_tina anit_tina 7 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️♥️I love heeeeeeer
leesidwell leesidwell 3 days ago
                              Dylan: "I think my balls shrunk from how hard she squished"
                              Me: "go get her tiger"
leesidwell leesidwell 3 days ago
Hahahaha poor Dylan I just started reading and i already love it
You could've just taken the marshmallows and not gone inside?
I've also done a good job raisin myself. My mum is continuously working, obviously for us but sometimes I just miss my mum, and my mums boyfriend is also always working or playing video games. So me and my brother have to cook for ourselves and stay in our rooms