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Eye of the Hurricane ▸ Scott McCall [2]

Eye of the Hurricane ▸ Scott McCall [2]

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treea By voidance Completed

[Sequel to Before the Storm]

        ❝Dear, this is only the beginning and you're simply in the eye of the hurricane.❞   

        Ella Foster thought she had seen it all when Jackson Whittemore turned into a homicidal lizard, or more specifically, a kanima. She thought she had seen it all when Peter Hale came back from the dead, Gerard Argent had black blood ooze out of every pore, and when her friend, Allison Argent, went rogue on her.

        Of course, in Beacon Hills, a homicidal lizard is nothing compared to what Foster is about to face. Although Gerard Argent may be at rest, Jackson Whittemore is now a werewolf in London, and Matt Daehlr is dead, things are about to get a lot more hectic. 

        Now dealing with an alpha pack that's only out for blood and a dark druid in search of vengeance, Foster and her friends will stop at nothing to do what they can to protect the lives of the innocent.

        Even if that means putting their own lives on the line this time around.

[3 A&B]
[cover by azaleahs]
[book two in the ella foster series]

-themystery -themystery May 28, 2016
You should have her,stop Scott from killing himself sense this does take place in season three right.
JChasse JChasse Oct 30, 2016
Is there going to be any smutty scenes between Scott and Ella? Like how Derek and Jennifer had that moment in the episode Motel California.
Fictional_fantasy Fictional_fantasy Oct 04, 2014
I'm excited to see foster in the frayed episode because she and scott are having a little thing right now, so I hope she's on the bus with him and I'm also hoping to see what exactly foster is in the supernatural world
supernatural61314 supernatural61314 Sep 30, 2014
I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what you do with this story! Please update soon!
Sarcastic_Wolf Sarcastic_Wolf Sep 30, 2014
im so excited for Scott's and Foster's moments and Foster's powers too like.... EEK ITS BANANAS
jxndra jxndra Sep 29, 2014
I hope Foster's powers come out and hopefully Kira and Scott are only close friends like Foster and Issac.  Scott and Foster hopefully get serious...