Atoms of Intense Desire

Atoms of Intense Desire

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Kash Raë By Kashvi_R Updated Mar 04

(Badass) Ava and (Badboy) Ali have coursed through many lifetimes together but in this lifetime they are going to meet on the first day of school. The pull is irresistible ... but if Ava relents she will be denying herself a future filled with big league adventures and jeopardise her titanic potential.  

Set in an International boarding school deep in the rainforests of East Asia. Bose, a visiting quantum physicist teaches them how to fine tune their vibrations into becoming super-humans ... into becoming gods. Ava and Ali are the first to ignite their latent supernatural powers ... but there's a price to pay. 

Ali's criminal past and proclivity toward sabotaging all he's created undermine his impulse to evolve. On the brink of magnificence, Ali is left teetering between god-like supremacy and slow-consuming anarchy. Ava is Ali's yin, his balancing force. Instead of being repelled by Ali's darkness, Ava is pulled deeper into his vortex.

Will Ava and Ali be consumed by darkness, or become the gods they're meant to be?