Hetalia X Reader one shots! (Around the world)

Hetalia X Reader one shots! (Around the world)

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Revolution Radio By AngelinaSmith590 Completed


Ever wondered how to get Norway to smile? Can Prussia be sweet like candy? Maybe you want to help America with his depression? Is Romania a vampire? Can Romano be an attention whore? All very good questions that will be answered in this one-shot book!

I thought of this with my best friend, @Lunarapocolypse! Go check her out!
This book is basically a series of Hetalia mini stories! ENJOY~!


© AngelinaSmith590

iceysoda14 iceysoda14 Apr 30
When you imagine yourself in amusic video dancing elaborately with France
Sitting in a room full of people all wondering why I'm laughing hysterically at my phone XD
Aww~ Did Mr Eyebrows dump you for America?
                              Don't worry, I'm here
natcat666 natcat666 Nov 20
*he fails to notice the massive streaks of mascara running down my eyes making me look like the girl from the grunge*
Do he got da booty. 
                              HEEEEE DOOOOOO~
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Sep 06
*is now playing with her phone and is not paying attention* I don't know that guy.