Lost In London

Lost In London

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☯ By muses_ Updated Jun 10, 2017

For all of her life, Cara Stryker had been sheltered in the comforts of her home, and lived in complete  discipline under her mother's strict rules. 

But finally reaching the age of freedom, at eighteen years old, Cara deliberately goes off on a trip to London she knew her mother would never agree on. 

Things take a turn for the worst when she discovers the influx of crime, a dangerous gang leader,  and getting lost in London.

"Cara?" he tested the name on his lips. "Do you know who I am?" I shook my head.

The man in front of me had black hair, and dark eyes that held no mercy. They weren't hazel, nor tan. Not even brown. They were dark, too dark to predict a color.

"You will," he said to me. "After the next hour and a half you will."

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MollyAnne3254 MollyAnne3254 Apr 17, 2017
omg noooooooo i wanted to see how she react to callum being alive and how he would react to her being pregnant with his kids
imjustuptonogood imjustuptonogood Jun 16, 2015
Aww so it's not a sequel. :(
                              Oh well your story, your choice. It's okaaaay. On to the story reading~ 
Ashlinized Ashlinized Jan 19, 2015
I swear this is just how me and my sisters fight lol. Except most of the time we fight over food
ExplicitSilence ExplicitSilence Dec 31, 2014
I love how right when I opened wattpad this was automatically in my library
Flickered Flickered Dec 31, 2014
This sounds like it's going to be such a good story, love the description. Can't wait for you to be ready to start it :3 x