The Bad Boy Has My Diary!

The Bad Boy Has My Diary!

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in the madhatters teapot By AwkwardDaughter Updated Nov 24

Tori's life isnt what you would call great. Her parents got a divorce when she was sixteen, her mother, who spends most of her time drinking and working doesnt even acknowledge her and she's that socially awkward girl in school who is bullied constantly.

Even though she goes through all that she still writes all these memories in her diary. All h
er secrets, dreams, fantasies, even stories she came up with are in this diary. She never lets anyone touch it. Never.

But what do you get when she drops it at a park and fate makes a certain bad boy find it? Well, you get perverted jokes, a whole lot of blackmail and maybe even love?

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TheGeekyMe TheGeekyMe Jun 25
Boys ain't nothin but trouble can't live with em can't love em.can't live without em can't trust em these boys ain't nothing but trouble.
TheAce875 TheAce875 Jun 19, 2015
Really good start... Nice twist, too! The beginning was interesting enough to make me want to read more. :)
piratesXecstasy piratesXecstasy Mar 18, 2015
I'd be mad if my best friend didn't tell me they had a twin brother. Makes me wonder why he hid it from her.
piratesXecstasy piratesXecstasy Mar 18, 2015
How is this supposed to be pronounced? Long 'i' or like Tris?
AwkwardDaughter AwkwardDaughter Feb 13, 2015
@xoxo_mysteriousgirl  thank you for the comment I appreciate your advice,  it's a great help