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Fallen Angels || Destiel High School AU

Fallen Angels || Destiel High School AU

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Destiel Trash 💅 By wingsandhunters Completed

Destiel Highschool AU where its Castiel and his family have been living on Kansas for three and a half years. After a terrible childhood, Zandriel - Cas', Balthazars, Gabriels, Raphaels, Lucifers , Anna's and Uriels older sister adopts them from an orphanage that they have been living at for most of their childhood.

Michael, there big brother used to be homeless and everything seemed like it was falling apart since their sister was adopted by a mysterious millionare. However now they have been living a care free life in a big family home and everything had been running smoothly. that is until a mister Dean and Sam Winchester move to Kansas and turns the Novaks world upsidedown. Secrets come out and brotherhoods get ruined.

Ikethebrave Ikethebrave Jul 02
You take this *grabs Sam/moose face* and this *grabs Gabriel* and put em together *pushes Sam and Gabriel together* and that's how you make an awesome ship.
There's 4 years of highschool in America, freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior, if Cas skipped sophomore then he's a junior, not a senior. Hope this helps 😘
Yes but a very cute moose, make all the boy moose go 'HWAAAAAAA'
                              Idk why that was the first thing I thought of
Ok so in America, elementary school, or primary school, I think, is kindergarten through fifth grade. Then middle school is sixth through eighth. High school, or secondary school (again, I think), are your freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years, aka ninth through twelfth.
DiFathom DiFathom May 16, 2016
So I have my tissue box ready.
                              And by tissue box I mean the wad of tissue paper in my pocket that I stress eat