Bella's New life

Bella's New life

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I do not own any of these chareters. some of this is in new moon.



Its been 6 months since He left and 1 month then Jacob stopped talking to me. I was alone. Vvery alone. I decided to go to our medow. It was the only place the keped me from losing Him. I looked a cross the medow,  wasn't alone as i thought, it took a moment to realise who it was.

">aurent!" L cried in surprised pleasure.

"Bella?" he asked, he look more astonished than I felt. 

"I thought you goneto alaska?" He stopped 10 paces away, cocking his head to the side. His face was the most beautiful thing Ii'd seen in almost 7 months.

"Your right" he agreed "i did go to Alaska, still, I didn't expect......when I found the cullen place abandoned and empty, thought they moved on".

"Oh" Ii bit my lip as the name set the raw edges of of my wounds throbbing. Laurent waited with curious eyes. 

"They did move on" I finally ma...

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Belle_Steinfeld Belle_Steinfeld Mar 23, 2016
Hi! I like your story and I don't think there is something wrong in your story. Well your story was fantastic.
- - Aug 15, 2016
This needs some SERIOUS editing which by the way, I'm willing to do
Horsesrthebest2003 Horsesrthebest2003 Nov 13, 2014
I'm reading new moon at the moment and this is basically the same thing as what happens in new moon. I'm going to read on but u should use different ideas
tess_brown tess_brown May 19, 2013
Sorry to break your feeling but you can't spell if you life depends on it. If you are just spelling like this to make time fly by or whatever,you need to just take your time and write. The book is really good and I like it but it is just the spelling that is killing me. Sorry
                              UPDATE PLEASE IM DIEING HERE!!!!!!
                              DO U WANT ME TO DIE???
                              pretty please with a orange in the middle
wreckingball12 wreckingball12 Mar 13, 2013
@jadekeeper44  i am with u all the way i am just sad that the series is done i am still in shock that edward gave her her dream to become a vampire!