Dirty One Direction Imagines/One Shots

Dirty One Direction Imagines/One Shots

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harrythrust By harrythrust Updated Jun 10, 2013

"Damnit Harry! I'm so sick of this!" You jump up from the couch and scream as Harry walks through the front door.

"What is it this time, y/n?" Harry asks, rolling his eyes.

"Once again you go out partying and don't even bother to tell me where the fuck you are. Do you realize what time it is?! I was worried sick!" 

"You know, sometimes you act like you're my mother or something babe. It's a pain." Harry says, sitting down on the couch.

"Oh is that all I am to you? A pain?!" You begin to cry and run upstairs to your room. You hear Harry following behind you but ignore him. You go to your dresser and throw some clothes in a suitcase.

"What exactly do you think you're doing?" Harry asks harshly.

"Leaving." You respond.

Harry chuckles.

"You find that funny? You won't be laughing when you have no one to hold at night." You yell.

"Oh please babe, we both know I can find someone else to hold with a snap of my fingers." He says, smirking.


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omgzees omgzees May 04, 2014
Did anyone else picture him saying this while shaking his head and pointer ding all sassy like?
Hopp_and_BunBun Hopp_and_BunBun Apr 17, 2013
It comes to the point where I can say this as casually as possible " OMG that's my favorite one!"
onedrock onedrock Oct 03, 2012
Please do an all or a Niall and ps I love your book the BEST oneshots I have read and could you please read my book the love of my life
harrythrust harrythrust Sep 19, 2012
@OllylovesHarry0094 I'll try to get to it tonight I have a lot of schoolwork though so sorry if I don't!
stayrealstaytrue stayrealstaytrue Sep 17, 2012
can you do 1 for me plzzzz really dirty ( if you taking requests if not never mind )             :p :) xx
Skystar5 Skystar5 Sep 16, 2012
That was so amazyan my favorite ones are whe the guys show how much they love her in the end