The Fighter & The Survivor (ON HOLD)

The Fighter & The Survivor (ON HOLD)

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Queen Of Cliffhangers By SilverStream22 Updated May 10, 2015

Vanessa Truvet is the casual type, something that isn't expected due to the drunken incident that happened last year with her and her friends. But because of the driving accident, Vanessa's high school makes a change in everyone's schedule: The Buddy System. Everyone is paired with a new best friend as their "Buddy" who's responsible for each other making it home from any events safe and sound.

Vanessa gets paired with the last person she thought: Lincoln Maverick, the cage fighter. Paired up with him sends her not-so-eventful school year in a whirlwind. With mixed signals, broken cars and starry nights, will Vanessa and Lincoln see past their differences and become more than just "Buddies"?

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cake_is_my_life cake_is_my_life Jan 22, 2016
If someone did that I'd break their face so you're taking it well
- - Sep 24, 2015
Btw Emo stands for "emotional hardcore music" so you have nothing to be afraid of except our hair and our taste of music
chrisrocks247 chrisrocks247 Jul 11, 2015
Yeah that's normal just touch people's faces when you meet them
skylarkblue skylarkblue Jun 05, 2015
Hmmm, zero sadness for the people in the car when they crashed, interesting
ShipBuilder ShipBuilder May 22, 2015
I could go for some sour patch kids right about now*drool+homer Simpson voice* mh sour patch kids
ARodz_01 ARodz_01 May 13, 2015
If this is true, and besides that she is trying to be strong, that image should have some traumatic effect on her.