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Smile of an Angel: Her Revenge

Smile of an Angel: Her Revenge

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Vhine By aiphervine Updated Dec 07, 2016

Mafia-Assasin-Gangster Story:

" i did not change. This is the real me.
im not an Angel you thought i am , because inside me is a demon that you never want to see."


Im Lavienne Kayne Nazuke

Im once a jolly person. Full of emotions. Innocent

But everything turned upside down since that day. 

The day where they stole everything i have.

Now, I cant smile anymore. I cant cry.

im cold..

im fearless

im merciless

Im emotionless...

And someday, I'll get my REVENGE


"To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research."

Q-ganster Q-ganster Jan 05
Pano ngupo nalagyan ng cast paturo nman he he HND ksi ako marunong new bie plng po