You're My Mate [EXO FF] (Book 1)

You're My Mate [EXO FF] (Book 1)

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Roness By WitchSeer Completed

[EXO Fanfiction]

Min Young is an ordinary girl that doesn't believe in anything only existing inside a book. Vampires, werewolves, fairies... but unknown to her, she is already surrounded by them. Only she is unaware of it. Until one day, she met the pack in which her mate belongs. Believing it was only a dream. 

But she was wrong. The day she fell into trouble by vampires attacking her, she realizes the dream was reality. And not only that. Because that reality was far more unbelievable as she discover more of the world she belongs and her own ability.


  • angel
  • baekhyun
  • chanyeol
  • chen
  • demon
  • exo
  • fairy
  • kai
  • kris
  • kyungsoo
  • love
  • luhan
  • lấy
  • mermaid
  • power
  • sehun
  • suho
  • tao
  • vampire
  • xiumin
ChocoVirus ChocoVirus May 06
                              Haha nope. You'll see who they are in few minutes. 😏
ChocoVirus ChocoVirus May 06
 #rr I decided to re-read this cause I can't remember the storyline. *smile sheepishly*
ChocoVirus ChocoVirus May 06
What does it mean?  I have heard that in multiple times now. Well, I used to watch Japanese dramas back then. So yeah. 😆
Sachiaraquila Sachiaraquila 4 days ago
Oh so the lead male is chanyeol?  I thought it was sehun or kai
ChocoVirus ChocoVirus May 06
                              😂😂😂😂 I still can't stop laughing at this. Poor lulu
EXO-Lxlkslbccdtks EXO-Lxlkslbccdtks Oct 29, 2016
Yeah well, you are Korean and left just a couple of years with your parents