♛Everything Has Changed ♚(Kuroko no Basket: Akashi Seijuro Fanfic) (Completed)

♛Everything Has Changed ♚(Kuroko no Basket: Akashi Seijuro Fanfic) (Completed)

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♛Tsukki☆♛ By Kuro_Neko09 Completed

Hey there!! This is my first story... its about akashi and my OC with a cat ears and tail.
I don't own KnB and the other stuffs. it belongs to the rightful owner Fujimaki Tadatoshi-san. 
I hope you like it.. if you don't.. it's fine...
Coz' i'm just a beginner and i tried. ;>

Hi there again! thanks for reading my "lame" story  XD

I'm so sorry about the updates, if so slow.. and of course the grammatical errors, wrong spellings and typical errors. and all...
I don't know how but thanks for the votes and reads...

~I hope you understand~ :]

RaineClay RaineClay Apr 05
That literally me.Except I just suck at basketball instead of getting sick.But I love playing.....sometimes.
Reads:She's something beneath all people.
                              Me:if this was a x reader and she called me someTHInG, there's probably no next chapter. >;)