Bound By Red

Bound By Red

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Pixie Stormcrow By PixieStormcrow Completed

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Scarlet Davis, ex-submissive, was content with her life between working as a programmer and dating a gorgeous six-foot-two golden-haired lumberjack she met on a Tinder date gone right. That is until she ran her car into a dog by accident. A dog which overnight turned into a naked man named Lucas who then proceeds to inform her that he is a wolf, not a dog. Now she is spending every waking moment trying to forget such a thing is even possible. 

But when her so-called relationship with the noncommittal golden boy-cum-Dominant takes a turn for the worse and fate refuses to let her forget the werewolf who also happens to be a Dom, Scarlet must decide if the big bad wolf is the real antagonist. Because in a story like this, it's never just her heart on the line.

The Midnight Retellings Collection consists of re-imaginings of fairy tales and other stories as modern adult romances with D/s and power dynamics flavours. 


This story contains explicit sexual content and is intended for mature 18+ audience only.