Unstoppable paring (BkDk mafia AU)

Unstoppable paring (BkDk mafia AU)

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Rexiam_1520 By Rexiam_1520 Updated 7 days ago

In a world where the government is corrupt and weak, Mafias rule most of the land. 

Japan's most powerful mafia is ruled by the Bakugou's, a powerful and rich family. Ever since the retirement of Masaru and Mitsuki Bakugou, it has been up to their son, Katsuki Bakugou, to rule the Mafia. 

In a desperate attempt to defeat their enemy mafia, the L.O.V., Katsuki hires a hit man of royal blood by the name of "Deku". 

Their partnership was strictly for business relations, but what happens when these powerful men start catching feelings for each other..?

*Gay ships 

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