So Very Breakable

So Very Breakable

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hppjmxrgosg By hppjmxrgosg Updated Jul 20

The criminal underground is getting bolder and with All Might making less and less of an appearance on the hero scene, Nezu believes that UA needs some extra protection. Not the most savory of predicaments. However, Nezu thinks he has found a solution: a bodyguard. 

Nakashima Xan is not the best of people. To put it simply, she is an assassin. A mild sociopath with a high IQ, a tendency towards violence, infinite reserves of sarcasm, and a vast collection of knives. Most notably, she is bored. Very, bored. Not a great combination. Maybe the little mouse principal will give her something fun to do...

Warnings for language, graphic scenes, violence, sexual innuendos, mentions of torture, and death. 

First few chapters are set up so bare with me. 

I do not own bnha. I only own my OC, the plot, and the words written in this story.