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Unpredictable | Divergent | [UNDER EDITING]

Unpredictable | Divergent | [UNDER EDITING]

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∞ By misslovelys Updated Dec 08, 2016

She's unpredictable they say. 

Travel into a world of where Tris and Four are born into the Dauntless faction. Tris is the younger sister of Zeke and Uriah, her two overprotective older brothers. Zeke, being the eldest acts as a father figure to his siblings following the death of their parents. 

The time of Tris' initiation arrives. The process that will determine her fate. The very test that she has been preparing for her entire life. As she slices through initiation at the speed of light, she gains the first place spot. With this comes another one of Zeke's notorious parties. 

Tris becomes more and more intrigued to discover more about the mysterious Four. Will the two find love and comfort within each other or will someone's heart be shattered? 

That's me, Tris Pedrad. I fell in love with an individual and I'm not sure if it'll last. This particular question has been haunting my head for so long. The answer is something that I don't think I'll ever find.

There will be quotes and sentences from the books.

Divergent belongs to Veronica Roth.

WARNING - DO NOT READ. This story is currently under an immense amount of editing. Parts of it may not make sense as chapters are being edited to the best of my ability. Please bear with me as I will try to edit this story as fast as possible.

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Car_Savage Car_Savage Sep 12, 2016
Why is this me? Why the actual fūck can I relate to literally everything? If you describe a fūcking cow, I will probably say "same". Like legit.
fourtris_464 fourtris_464 Apr 10, 2016
I also hate friends try getting me to wear it and all they manage to get on me is mascara. And that's only if I go to a wedding...I don't  know the name if anything else. Its all just sticks to me
khill3622 khill3622 Feb 27, 2017
my brother calls me baby girl and he's just as over protective as Zeke
asian_to_the_max asian_to_the_max Mar 23, 2016
Same! I always turn my shower to the hottest and I only realize after I get out
R5Rauraroxx R5Rauraroxx Jul 01, 2016
omg i love this. one of my favorite tris and four stories yet! i have so much more respect for zeke <3
fourtris_464 fourtris_464 Apr 10, 2016
Brushing your teeth in the shower isn't  weird. My friend does it...