Percabeth Oneshots

Percabeth Oneshots

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Mikki_Q By Mikki_Q Updated Jul 03, 2015

This will be composed of one shots, headcanons, and meeting Percabeth. So basically anything that pops into my head.

Please no hate, this is my first time writing something. Constructive criticism is welcomed. By the way I wrote the first one a really long time ago, so the others are better. 

I'm going to say this once and only once "All rights go to Rick Riorden. I don't own PJO/HOO. I wish I did though."

*hits nico* NICO!! he isn't allowed to find out yet! He might die!!!
wise-girl12 wise-girl12 Aug 02
Sure Annabeth. And I'm the daughter of Zeus. Ha ha (I'm actually daughter of Athena)
wise-girl12 wise-girl12 Aug 02
Why didn't they call Grover or another satyr to bring him to Camp?
Last year, this new kid came to my school and his seat was next to mine. He said hi and started to flirt with me so I said in my creepiest voice "Guess your one of Mrs. (Teachers name) now" and he shut up. And he kept trying to flirt so to make him mad I flirted with his best friend. It was fun.
*slow claps* aaaannnnd the award goes to the "smartest" person in the world!! *Annabeth wakes up* no i am
28unknown28 28unknown28 Jan 16
He means a new member of a, only I knew that......