Pinnacchia - A Steampunk Fairytale

Pinnacchia - A Steampunk Fairytale

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There once was a time called The Great Separation, an era where the extremely rich ruled the world from large mechanical floating cities, scattered across the sky and those who were poor lived 'grounded' on earth. The 'grounded' worked and strived for recognition through steam engineering, electrical inventions and the making of fantastical gadgets so they could be invited into cloud cities societies and join those who lived 'cloud-side'.  

It was during this era that the Earth's most famous mechanical engineer and inventor designed and built the worlds first cloud city, Skylands. Once it was built, Lord Peto, through tragic loss decided to live 'grounded' in a small rustic community below this great city. His was a story of lost love and found faith and a vow to stay grounded for as long as he lived. But this is not his story. This story is of a young mechanical boy Lord Peto created, lost, then found again. This is the story of Pinnacchia.

Steampunk isn't a new genre in any way, nor is it particulary earth shattering retelling fairytales in a modern era. But I love LOVE love writing these Steampunk Fairytales and hope to one day soon publish them on Amazon. My son doesn't know it yet, but I'm planning on giving him a few new books for Christmas.

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I have been encouraged by everyone's comments and emails, your enjoyment makes writing these storires even more exciting. I've added new chapters to Snow and Briar here on Wattpad.

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~ Joy

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- - Jul 17, 2016
Once upon a time there was an old man. He was a master woodworker.
MysterySoulStealer MysterySoulStealer Jun 27, 2016
I hated Pinocchio because for some reason I always cried during ir
MysterySoulStealer MysterySoulStealer Jun 27, 2016
Ah no no no no no no no no no spider can go spide somewhere else
MysterySoulStealer MysterySoulStealer Jun 27, 2016
*Gets Dr Frankenstein impression ready* ITTSSS wait no IIIIIIIITS no not that IIIIHHHTTTTTTTTSSSSSSS good enough
Dante_Greywolf Dante_Greywolf Dec 27, 2016
Pin is becoming a real boy, slowly but steadily through this knowledge
ChaeChaeIsCrayCray ChaeChaeIsCrayCray Oct 17, 2016
Wouldn't it be a girl then? That would be so much cooler. Going a bit off the story?