Dawn Of The Dragons | Nalu FF

Dawn Of The Dragons | Nalu FF

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Princess Lucy of the country Rujuski, the daughter of her father, a very powerful man, king Jude Heartfilia. He governs his country with honor and keeps the residents safe. 

And when he hears about the Dragon species, or the dragon slayers have come back and live on, he grows anxious. He takes them from their homes and keeps them in his castle, for they are the biggest threat that he has faced, and the ancestors before him. 

Dragon slayers Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel and Laxus are all kept in a dungeon, treated like filth and feed scraps. They are judged and are feared by many. Lucy goes down to the area where the so called monsters are kept one day, soon finding out that they are not killers at all. She tells her father about what she has found out and he becomes enraged. 

King Jude Heartfilia and his daughter are put in danger, however, he must face the fact that the wizards he saw as monsters might be his only salvation.

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