Ruthless (Book One of Midnight Shadow Pack)

Ruthless (Book One of Midnight Shadow Pack)

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He's cold hearted, dangerous, and not one to be messed with. Daniel the alpha of midnight shadow pack has a reputation for getting what he wants whether you give it to him willingly or not. He fears no one but everyone fears him until a lone soul wanders on his territory. 

She's been on the run for what seems like ages. Fear is the only thing driving her to keep moving forward. Traveling with only her older sister she hopes of finding refuge, but that all goes out the window as they both end up crossing over into one of the strongest packs' territory. 

Mia and her sister Elena think after everything, that this is the end, that their past had finally caught up to them.... But that's not the case as Mia lays eyes on a killer, an alpha. Yet he's not just any alpha, he's alpha Daniel, and he's Ruthless.

 Just Mia's luck.... They're mates.

Excerpt from book:

"Get up Mia. It's time to go." Daniel told me staring patiently for me to move. I brought my knees up to my chest and hugged them lightly.

"Then go. No ones stopping you." I reminded him.

He growled and went to grab me. I raised an eyebrow and somehow it stopped him. I don't know why but it did. Not only that but everyone seemed to stiffen as well.

"Are you testing my patience?" He asked with a lethal undertone in his voice.

"Well seeing as you'd fail any test I give you, then yes I'm testing your patience." I replied sarcastically. He growled at me and pulled me to my feet in one motion. I strained to keep my composure. Two angry wolves is something to reckon with especially one being an alpha.

"Are you calling me stupid?"

"Well I'm definitely not calling you smart, now am I?" I smirked crossing my arms.

Cover by: SilverAmy
Copyright 2014
Completed 2019

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