Kuroko no Pleasures

Kuroko no Pleasures

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Nina By NinaSmall12 Updated Jan 11

MATURE KnB x Reader oneshots.

Decided that for simplicity, I would put all the KnB x Reader lemons/limes in one place. So have fun! This ain't for the faint of heart ;).

Disclaimer: I do not own KnB, you, or any of the pictures used. 

...and Nigou will be here in the cover, judging you for reading this booklet and me for writing it xD.

Well, you did lose to Kuroko one time so that means you don't always win, therefore, you aren't always right.
S_Paine S_Paine Jul 28, 2016
I'm a human,  Akashi. Not a prize...  I will not a be a trophy wifu! I am a strong independent woman!  😤
AmythestDiamond01 AmythestDiamond01 Jul 13, 2016
Well, if it's gonna be like this, I'd rather date Kagami or Kiyoshi than either of you
senpaifanfic senpaifanfic Sep 12, 2016
Congrats Kise wins so he can take the prize and leave. Let's go Kise-kun
I just imagine Aomine being the idiot he is with a big question mark over his head as they play.
BlazingFyre BlazingFyre Sep 25, 2016
In a surprising turn of events, because Akashi over estimated Aomine and thought he would pull off some tactics like in b-ball, Aomine won by being stupidly and ridiculously dumb.