10 Minute Miracles (Haikyuu!! Fanfic) ♔ HaikyuWA Winner ♔

10 Minute Miracles (Haikyuu!! Fanfic) ♔ HaikyuWA Winner ♔

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ItadakimasuPocky By ItadakimasuPocky Completed

♔ First Place winner in the category of Tobio Kageyama on HaikyuWA 2015 ♔
♔ First Place winner in the category of Most Creative Title on HaikyuWA 2015 ♔
♔ First Place winner in the category of Most Creative Cover on HaikyuWA 2015 ♔
♔ Second Place winner in the category of Best OC on HaikyuWA 2015 ♔
♔ Third Place winner in the category of Best Shipping Couple on HaikyuWA 2015 ♔

Inori Harukaze is known as the 'Goddess of Victory'. Getting into the nationals is a dream that anyone who plays volleyball longs for. To face the world as their country's representative and to be best in the world. That was also Inori's dream. But in the end a dream is nothing but a dream. Only the chosen get to move up in the world. 

Ever since long time ago, Inori started sensing something was wrong with her legs but despite that, she continued playing volleyball and winning competitions up until her legs finally broke down completely. She worked hard to repair her legs by going to physical therapies every day but the best she got out of it was 10 minutes. Her legs could only hold on for 10 minutes before giving out.

Transferring to Karasuno High, meeting all the wonderful people there and maybe even her love interest, her perception of everything changes. Despite only being able to play for 10 minutes, Inori tries twice as hard to play her very best and be of help to the team.  

Inori Harukaze may not be the 'Goddess of Victory' anymore but the '10 Minute Miracle'.

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leonastar leonastar May 30
I could never imagine not being able to play anymore. It brings me to tears thinking about it
Mari-Rua Mari-Rua Jun 21, 2016
Buuuuutttt shouldn't she join the girls team since she's a girl? And this is boy's volleyball?
ILoveMyths2003 ILoveMyths2003 Jul 13, 2016
Only for 10 minutes though sadly. Can't she rest and then go back in for the next set or something?
Mafufu Mafufu Jul 27, 2015
Hinata? Are you there? ??? You should have different lines for your character instead of basically rewinding what the others said... Still gonna read your book though
ItadakimasuPocky ItadakimasuPocky Nov 03, 2014
@_j_e_l_s_a_ Im happy to jear that! Inori loves you too (/^3^)/ ♥♥♥