Possessive Preppy

Possessive Preppy

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trevormarks49 By trevormarks49 Updated Jun 22, 2015

"Parker, where the fuck do you think your going."

"Home!"  I yelled, as I ran past him.

His eyes darkened with anger. "Come here." He commanded, grabbing me by the hips and forcing me against the wall. 

"You are mine."

"I'm not a pet, that you can just own me."

"Don't test me Parker." Emmett growled.

 The anger in his eyes intensified. I was beginning to get scared.

" Please Let me go." I pleaded.

"No. You belong to me." "I own You."" "Do you understand?"

I nodded. " Yes."

" I wanna hear you say it."

" I'm yours Emmett."

"Good girl." " Now come back to bed."

MrsVivo MrsVivo Sep 24, 2016
How come she don't know who he is if she's been going there awhile