Daughter of Death and Magic (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover)

Daughter of Death and Magic (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover)

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After the giant war, the demigods just want a normal life, without monsters, and quests. After the war with Voldemort, Harry and the wizards want to get over all the losts they've had.
Sadly, the fates decided otherwise, after a demigod comes suddenly to Camp Half-Blood and a student misteriously arrives to Hogwarts, a new prophecy is revealed to Greeks, Romans and Wizards, they must ally to survive the coming war.

So that you know, this is an OC story. I mean, there is actual PJ and HP but the story is mostly of my OC's. 

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Well can you kill Octavian off later? And please do it in the most horrible way possible. As in torture him, heal him, torture him, heal him, take out his soul slowly then put it into a slug, then step on that slug. As you can tell I pretty much loathe that guy
that was the most magical moment of meh life i love this story already
Don't worry. I doubt it's as bad as SOME horses, *glares at Arion* NEIGH!...
                              U don't want to know what that was...
Concella Concella Jul 10
Do you want a Snickers?
                              I should eat one too; I swear almost that much
*ignore Percy's shouting in bg, shoves blue cookies to your mouth* chillax girl, I won't judge you
We're gonna be friends :D 
                               i dont care if your swearing because i do that too . Lol