My badass best friend

My badass best friend

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Katie By Katieelouise Updated May 12, 2015

I kept running and running and come to a sudden stop as my breath got stuck in my throat, my hands began to sweat and the nerves I had before was gone.

Stood in front of me was my best friend, lying on the ground struggling to get away from the police holding him down.

"You are arrested on Drugs, attempt of murder and stealing" the police shouted over Levi's curse words. I felt the need to help, I had to do something...

I ran towards my best friends but before I could reach him two strong arms pulled me back making me crash into the hard chest behind me, ignoring there presence I looked straight at Levi.

"LEVI" I shouted gaining the thrashing boys attention, his blue eyes met mine as I stared into them the sickening feeling coming back.

He needs help. He needs my help.


Natasha Jones is loved and cared for by many, once her best friend moved away from town and ignored her for 2 years she thought he was dead, she cried many nights until she didn't have any tears left.

One day changed Natasha's life as she saw her best friend back, but not alone. He was back with a police guarding him away from people, he didn't come home for Natasha he came home because he is under house arrest.

He isn't the nice good boy she once knew who cared about everyone and never once thought about himself, he is back and has changed for the worst...

How will Levi (her best friend) take it when he find out her boyfriend is abusing Natasha? Put Natasha's abusing boyfriend and Levi Lepton, Natasha's best friend who is back on house arrest for multiples of fights together in the same room with just Natasha there, what will happen?

Bad ass, stubborn, cocky, player but is it a bad thing that all this turns Natasha on?

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he needs help he needs my help i love that part keep up the good work lol