The Black Moon Legend [The Werewolf Chronicles #1]

The Black Moon Legend [The Werewolf Chronicles #1]

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(Title was changed from "No Distractions The Black Moon Legend" to "The Black Moon Legend")

From the very first day I started high school my mother always told me, before I left my house. 

"Stay away from boys! Focus on your school work! Don't get distracted."

But she never told me what to do if those same boys came to me and happened to change everything in my life.


Iris is your regular day girl who just wants to make her Doctor father and Nurse mother proud by following in their footsteps and going to Med School. But for now as a senior in High school all she wants are good grades to ensure her acceptance at Cotta University. However, once Damon Cairstay comes into the picture and his ever colour changing emerald eyes drives her to feel attached and drawn to him she learns that school and grades is only the tip of the iceberg in her newly awaiting life. Iris will discover secrets about her life and herself that she never thought would exist outside of a fairy tale but having a not so happy fairy tale become her life was something she never saw coming.



Werewolf Story about

Alpha Mates, High school, and a Century long legend of the Black Moon Pack. 

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Sound like my mom but i do the exact opposite its not my fault there is some fine ass boys at my school
64Fandoms46 64Fandoms46 Aug 06
Omg I just finished reading Vincent's territory and the main girls name was Alexis😬😬😬
I swear to god if the other one is called Stefan I will murder a son of a biscuit
hungryandalone77 hungryandalone77 Oct 16, 2016
Sounds like you have a perfect life plan
                              Ooh no *life opens the door with a hammer* *stress and depression come in too with baseball bats* I wonder what happened