A Silver Lining (Lord of the Rings) [Legolas]

A Silver Lining (Lord of the Rings) [Legolas]

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The War of the Ring may be over, and Sauron may be defeated, but that does not mean that the very thought of evil has been erased from Middle-earth. Though they may not be as threatening as the Dark Lord had once been, evil beings still lurk, waiting to cause trouble. 

Meet Nimalia, an Elf who has, sadly, spent a lot of her time with the said evil beings. After a long time in her captors' hands, she manages to break free, only to be rescued by a random Man who happens to be riding along her path. She is then taken to Minas Tirith, acquainted with the Queen of Gondor, and introduced to an Elf who will forever change her life.

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Silverhand19 Silverhand19 Nov 10, 2017
1000% better than most I've read lol so excited to see what happens.
skipper1228 skipper1228 Aug 28, 2015
Love the plot development and mysterious suspense. Makes you NEED to read more
Sandwing02 Sandwing02 Jul 04, 2015
Is that the girl who plates Bell in Once Upon a Time? It is. wow i never thought to look into Once upon a time characters for my trailer. That was smart.  I like this story so far.
AuburnSmytheson AuburnSmytheson Jun 10, 2015
I like this already. It's not just poorly written fluffy trash to satisfy the author's secret fantasies. Bravo!
Scarfireloveswaffles Scarfireloveswaffles Mar 07, 2015
Must read. Right now. Must. Read. Read it. Must read. Reading. Must. Read. Must read. Read.
Calamity_Jay Calamity_Jay Mar 05, 2015
Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised. You did a great job. You drew me in quite quickly.