Bad girl. Good boy-Matthew Espinosa

Bad girl. Good boy-Matthew Espinosa

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Everyone has heard of a bad boy falling for the good girl and changing hes ways. What if this time its the girl thats bad ? 

Im Malia Robertson, The bad girl. Yes when you first see me you wouldnt think so. But yet I am. I got suspended several times from school, lots of detentions too. But who cares. Me and my friends hang out at this little house. 

Its MJs house. Her parents are extra rich and dont spend alot of time with her so they bought her own little house to make it up to her. We throw the biggest parties and crash even more. Weed, alcohol and boys. 

Im not a commitment girl. No one would really stick with me since im so much trouble. 

So Me and MJ decided to go shopping at the local mall. I needed some more little black dresses and skirts. Yes i was a teaser girl. The one who every guy wanted. I needed to catch they're attention and my clothing was the best. Dont get me wrong im not a slut. Well others might think so, But i dont sleep with everyone who comes around. Apart ...

Mattchew_Is_A_Dino_1 Mattchew_Is_A_Dino_1 Oct 11, 2015
he said he is not famous. he's just a guy with a phone and a vine account. in his words
- - Aug 08, 2015
I pictured the one girl from finding Carter and her little house thing
TheEspinosaurusRex TheEspinosaurusRex May 05, 2015
the book is great but it's going way to fast and the 'Matt-' and 'malia-' kinda change change the feel of it