The Patient's Promise© (Camren)

The Patient's Promise© (Camren)

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Mahogany Alexis By MahoganyAlexis Completed

Lauren has always been what everyone expected her to be. She got the good grades, She's good looking, Has everything she could ever want.
She's twenty-five, a doctor , with an amazing girlfriend. What else could he ask for right?
But, Who is she really?

Nineteen year old Camila Cabello has had trouble following her; her whole entire life. You couldn't really say she's had it easy either. Her life is what is killing her. 

What happens when Lauren becomes Camila's doctor?

Can Lauren save Camila and save the rest of the world including herself. 

Promises are meant to be broken.

esmeruiz_9 esmeruiz_9 Jul 12
This reminds me of Meredith talking at the end of a grey's episode
Alerobles59 Alerobles59 Aug 06
Hell I would have bitten her too. Not to eat but... nvm I'm just gonna stop
                              This story is so freaking weird. Not a regular fanfic at all. Plot is confusing af.
1000FuckingHands 1000FuckingHands Nov 21, 2015
Okie... First time! Soooo not ready but I guess I like fücking with my heart... Leggo.
Just-Me-Forever Just-Me-Forever Nov 15, 2015
I am tooooo lazy to read description that's why I thought it was camila but all y'all bïtches ain't got no excuse so suck it
holycamrEEn holycamrEEn Sep 02, 2015
Ok so.. This is gonna be my first time... Im not gonna start reading now bc.. Idk im so not ready to start prying again lol... So yall will see me back here in a few days or so... Ok bye love yall sm