Calming the Storm (A Captain Hook FanFic) *EDITING MAJORLY

Calming the Storm (A Captain Hook FanFic) *EDITING MAJORLY

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Note: There are so many things in this book that need fixing. I'm reading through it all again and I will add a little ~ (Whatever that thing is called) Around the chapter number if it has been edited. 

Ember Blackwood is a feisty fugitive that's hiding from the evil queen and her forces. Constantly running, constantly, looking over her shoulder, and constantly kicking people's ass.

Killian Jones, aka Captain Hook Is a dashing and ruthless pirate who only cares about himself...or that's what people think. There's actually a lot more to this pirate than meets the eye, and when he runs into Ember will the good in him finally come out, or will he just stay a heartless captain forever?

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ItsJustKarina ItsJustKarina Feb 01, 2016
Ayeeee, they're gonna do thing, the thingy thing...the thing
WhatTheEvenHell WhatTheEvenHell May 25, 2016
breadstick-otaku breadstick-otaku Dec 28, 2015
Last sentence I could imagine her like: *nods head with squinted eyes* *says in unfazed tone* yep, Captain Hook.
sarcasmworks sarcasmworks Nov 17, 2015
But anyone can agree that he looks sexy with the eyeliner tho
maplepasta maplepasta Aug 14, 2015
Oh crap I just realize she meant the evil queen! I'm so stupid like I thought she was in London or something XD
nochangenecessary nochangenecessary Dec 06, 2014
Ooh, very interesting. I'm hoping to see what else is in store. :3