Just One Little Bite

Just One Little Bite

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Taylor By thatGirly123 Updated Nov 30, 2014

"Just one little bite and I can drain all your blood," he states while planting kisses along my neck. "Better yet I'll drain your blood, kill you, then change you into a monster like me."

"You won't do it," I whisper as my voice wavers with uncertainty. 

He chuckles against my neck. "Are you sure about that Isabel?"

And then he bites me.

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BreiChillOut BreiChillOut Oct 29, 2016
I had to live with my brother I'd cry, that man is 11 years older and has horrible anger issues
Queen_Of_Hell15 Queen_Of_Hell15 Jan 30, 2016
Awwww, spiders. 
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                              Jk, jk😆. I totally wrote that. Don't listen to me.
poppiexxx poppiexxx Feb 27, 2016
Ian somerhalder aka Damon salvator aka the sexiest hottest most gorgeous man alive 😍😍😍😍
cy6ers cy6ers Feb 25, 2017
Spiders? If I saw them, I woud've been hysterically shrieking and crying... Since I have an arachnophobia (fear of spiders).
Queen_Of_Hell15 Queen_Of_Hell15 Jan 30, 2016
This is exactly what I tell myself after I fall at doing something. Then I colas in a fit of laughs…
Queen_Of_Hell15 Queen_Of_Hell15 Jan 30, 2016
Oh god, if that happened to me I would sneaked into an empty freight cart on a train, wait till it is driving threw a mountain by a cliff, and then hurl myself of the train and down the cliff. Then I would haunt my brothers for the rest of my life.