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101 Ways To Fall In Love // Blackinnon

101 Ways To Fall In Love // Blackinnon

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Sirius Bloody Black By marauder-time Completed

"What's happening here?" I asked, swirling my hand above us.

"We're snogging. Don't try and tell me Sirius Black doesn't know what snogging is," she smirked.

My heart twisted in my chest and I wanted to rip it out. 

"Explain this to me though. Are we going to date or am I just your rebound?" I tried to take a step back but just ended up falling over a bucket.

Marlene stiffled a giggle as I jumped back up, flicking my hair. "This is a little dangerous."

Marlene backed up against the wall, looking up at me cheekily. "What's life without a little risk?"


Part 1 of this story follows them throughout half of their final year at Hogwarts.

Part 2 follows them post graduation through the Order, the War and most importantly, through the Blackinnon because I know thats what y'all are here for.

Lol 😆 laughing so hard I thought you were gonna kill her when I saw him and then he got it 
                              This is my recommended words?
All I read was Remus and Lily and I ship them so bad an yeah, don't judge my odd brain
Katari13 Katari13 Jul 23, 2016
U know... Just to warn u... My friend might kill u... She hates blackinnon... But im a bit okay with it...
royalester royalester Jul 28, 2016
Three of my friends have their name starting with Mar and it's always so confusing 😂
marauder-time marauder-time Jul 27, 2016
This is so not sassy it just sounds so dumb god I hate myself
James was head boy!
                              But then, this is a fanfic so okay 😂😂😂