101 Ways To Fall In Love // Blackinnon

101 Ways To Fall In Love // Blackinnon

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Sirius Bloody Black By marauder-time Completed

"What's happening here?" I asked, swirling my hand above us.

"We're snogging. Don't try and tell me Sirius Black doesn't know what snogging is," she smirked.

My heart twisted in my chest and I wanted to rip it out. 

"Explain this to me though. Are we going to date or am I just your rebound?" I tried to take a step back but just ended up falling over a bucket.

Marlene stiffled a giggle as I jumped back up, flicking my hair. "This is a little dangerous."

Marlene backed up against the wall, looking up at me cheekily. "What's life without a little risk?"


Part 1 of this story follows them throughout half of their final year at Hogwarts.

Part 2 follows them post graduation through the Order, the War and most importantly, through the Blackinnon because I know thats what y'all are here for.

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- - Apr 18, 2017
Lol 😆 laughing so hard I thought you were gonna kill her when I saw him and then he got it 
                              This is my recommended words?
gryffindorwriting gryffindorwriting Nov 04, 2017
this honestly sounds like a nickname that some of my friends would give me
Eating-Pringles Eating-Pringles Mar 25, 2017
All I read was Remus and Lily and I ship them so bad an yeah, don't judge my odd brain
CursingRainbowMuffin CursingRainbowMuffin Jul 17, 2017
If fact when my friends don't text back after sending a couple hundred text in the span of five minutes I text IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT THE SUPREME OVERLORD OF BITCHLANDIA
KateFromHawaii KateFromHawaii Jun 07, 2017
James is the master of fight flirts.  Bro.  How do ya think he got Lils?  He knows the ways
royalester royalester Jul 28, 2016
Three of my friends have their name starting with Mar and it's always so confusing 😂